Historical & Heritage



The Historical and Heritage Working Group of the Regeneration Committee was established in 2006 to capture the social history of the Mitchels/Boherbee Regeneration area.  A working group was developed with the support of the then Town Council, HSE Community Work Dept,  NEKD ( formerly Partnership Tralee) and most importantly; community members to gather and record a comprehensive body of information relevant to the regeneration area. 

Since the establishment of the group a number of successful initiatives have been developed

•   A Trip  Down Memory Lane:   In May 2008 when residents of the Mitchels Boherbee area in Tralee gathered in Mitchels Club house to reminisce about times past in their area.

•  Calendars:  Calendars have been developed since 2009, The calendars depicted treasured photos of the people and buildings of the area of years gone by.

 Coffee Afternoons:  This event which took place in St Brigids gave residents -past and present -an opportunity to meet former neighbours and friends and have a look at photos of times past over a cup of tea.

•   Photographic  Exhibitions:  A number of Photographic exhibitions were held over the years

•   Memories of the Mitchels Oral History CDs :  ( 4 Volumes) Capturing the oral history of years gone by in the Mitchels

• Connie Foley Remembered in his native place:  In recognition of the late  Connie Foley’s achievements , The  Mitchels Boherbee Regeneration Project’s Historical and Heritage Working Group ,in conjunction with the Connie Foley Memorial Committee, held the Connie Foley Memorial Gathering on Saturday the 24th August 2013.

 Exhibition:   We launched our exhibition on the 2nd of March celebrating some of the Tralee Women of 1916. This was held in the Kerry County Library and we would like  to once again extend particular thanks to the staff at the Kerry County Library for allowing us to be part of their own exhibition “Kerry 1916 from the Archives” and  thanks to the Kerry County Council 2016 Commemoration Fund and Ireland 2016.

•  APP:   The Mitchels Boherbee community heritage trail /Mitchels Memories app will help you explore some of the history of the area using your smartphone. The app links recordings and photos from our growing archive to their locations around the regeneration area.  It’s being built by Tralee company Access Heritage on its HistoryHunter™ platform which was designed to give communities a way of bringing their past to life.

• Website:  The Mitchels Boherbee website has been launched to ensure continued access to the resources created by the Historical & Heritage Working Group.  The information contained on the website is an invaluable source of local history & tradition. The website in effect is an archive that can be built on into the future.